5 Common Misconceptions that Lead to Paleo Diet Failure

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The Paleo diet is very popular in the United States. It is very easy to see why a lot of people are getting turned on to this diet – it actually works. That is right. You can believe your eyes. Stop rubbing them. This is one diet that actually lives up to its billing.

I know you are probably jaded. I know you are most likely skeptical. I can understand where you are coming from because let us face it. Time after time, we have been hit with all sorts of heavily promoted diets and time and time again, we have been disappointed. Either they do not live up to their billing, or they simply do not work at all.

That is not the case with the Paleo diet. There is a reason why a lot of people in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere, are beside themselves about this diet. It seems like people cannot stop talking about it. Who can blame them? This diet not only makes sure that the pounds come off you, but if you do it right, you can rest assured that those pounds will never come back. Now, that is quite a big claim to make, but the good news is that the Paleo diet is definitely up for the job.

With that said, there are still a lot of people who fail the Paleo diet. While it does bring a lot to the table, you have to understand that for this diet to work for you totally, you have to have the right mindset. You have to make sure that you stay on it. If you implement it, it can work wonders for you. The problem is you have to take action, and continue taking action.

While a lot of people have no problem jumping from diet to diet, and enjoying some level of success, most people have a tough time sticking with one diet. Eventually, their fear of change, as well as their body’s rebellion against change, gets the better of them. Not only do the pounds that they lose initially come back, but those pounds also tend to bring friends along. That is right. It is highly likely that after you are done with your diet, you can end up weighing more than you began. Sounds crazy, right? Well, the Paleo diet can fail. The reason people fail with this diet is not because the diet itself is defective or is otherwise flawed.

It really boils down to the people who try it out. If you have the wrong mindset, or you simply have the incorrect attitude regarding this diet, then you are going to fail time and time again. To make sure that you have the right mindset for this or any other type of diet, ensure that you do not have certain misconceptions. Here are five misconceptions about the Paleo diet that leads to failure.

You Only Need to Eat a Narrow Range of Foods

This is a serious problem because if you feel that you just need to eat a very limited range or short list of foods to stay on your Paleo diet, you are unnecessarily making things hard on yourself. You are basically going to start living like a hermit. A hermit only eats certain foods at particular times. You start feeling that you are punishing yourself. You start feeling that you are being left behind by your other friends who are losing weight while at the same time eating anything that they want. You sense that the diet that you are feeling is some sort of punishment. You would think back to the times when you can pretty much open your fridge and eat anything from your fridge.

With that mindset, it is not a surprise that a lot of people who feel that the Paleo diet is unduly restrictive end up backsliding. They end up going to their old eating habits, and guess what? All those pounds that they lost going Paleo quickly come back.

All Paleo Foods are Easy to Prepare

Now there are lots of Paleo products on the market. Unfortunately, a lot of them play fast and loose with the truth. Make no mistake about it for every Paleo recipe that is very easy to prepare and does not require much money, there are a couple of other recipes that can take quite a bit of your time. Now, this does not mean that they are not tasty; it also does not mean that they are no longer Paleo-compliant. Still, if you are a very busy person, you would want to stick to dishes that are fairly easy to prepare and does not take much time.

All Paleo Foods do not Need much Time to Prepare

This is a very common misconception regarding the Paleo diet. A lot of people think that since the Paleo diet tends to focus on pure foods and natural foods, then this means that the preparation of such foods would not be all that elaborate. This is not quite true. It depends on the recipe that you are preparing.

Some recipes are notoriously time intensive. They have always been time intensive. While you can play around with such recipes, chances are if you want them to taste right, you would need to put in the time. You have to disabuse yourself of the idea that just because Paleo foods tend to be more wholesome, that you really do not need much time to prepare them.

The good news is that there are some Paleo recipes that do not take up all your time. In fact, a lot of these recipes can be prepared in a very short period of time. You just have to do your job, and you only have to step up and actively look through your options and pay close attention to preparation time.

You will have More than Enough Time to Prepare

If you are a very busy person, and you need to be at 10 places at the same time; you probably do not have time to screw around with prep work for cooking. A lot of people mistake preparation time for cooking. They are not one and the same. Preparation is when you cut up the ingredients and store them away. Cooking, on the other hand, is cooking. Do you see the difference here?

A lot of people who try to go on the Paleo think that they have more than enough time to prepare. It turns out that they do not have that much time. They are only fooling themselves regarding their time horizons or schedule flexibility. In many cases, they do not have much flexibility. Accordingly, if they do not have much time to prepare their Paleo foods, it becomes very easy to fall to the temptation of just simply eating whatever food is available in your area.

All Paleo Foods are Equally Tasty

Paleo foods are not created alike. There are many recipes that taste great. There are also many recipes that leave a lot to be desired. You have to understand that you have to be more discriminating as far as your menu choice items are concerned, because it is very simple to go on a Paleo diet and end up feeling like you are punishing yourself. It is very easy just to eat bland food or food that tastes the same. Do yourself a big favor and be more proactive in slicing and dicing all the different recipe options available to you. You might be surprised as to how much more fun your lunches, dinners and breakfast could be with simple access to high-quality Paleo recipe foods like Paleo hacks.

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