Is the Paleo Diet a Fad Diet ?

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Is the Paleo Diet a Fad Diet ?

Is the Paleo diet a fad diet? Hardly. While many popular diets are lucky to last a year. The Paleo diet has been around a long time. Actually, since the Paleolithic times.

The concepts behind Paleo can be traced back to 1863 when William Banting published a “Letter on Corpulence Addressed to the Public.” Banting talked of a diet for weight control omitting bread, butter, milk, sugar, potatos and beer. There were other voices in these early years from scientists and figures of authority calling for a diet very similar to the Paleo diet.

In 1975 a gastroenterologist named Walter Voegtlin was one of the first to suggest that following a diet similar to the Paleolithic era would bring vast health improvements. He noted that this diet was one of a carnivore, mainly proteins and fats with small amounts of carbs. He prescribed this diet for his own patients for the treatment of colitis, ibs, crohn’s disease and other digestive disorders.

In recent years Loren Cordain is accredited with restarting the interest in the Paleo diet, however there are many doctors and scientists that have also backed up this diet. Loren Cordain is a scientist that specializes in nutrition.

In the past few years more and more research has emerged backing up the idea of low carbs and sugars for health and weight loss. There are authorities that have been hesitant to endorse the Paleo diet, however when you investigate what they do recommend, it is in effect a diet close to the Paleo diet. In fact, most modern diets, regardless of what they call it, are similar to Paleo. It is becoming mainstream knowledge that grains and dairy make you fat, and can also make you unhealthy.

The Paleo diet does not require a guru, or a gimmicky device to work. Most people are self taught in the privacy of their own homes.

Perhaps the strongest evidence for Paleo comes from these self taught people. There are thousands of articles and posts that boast of the results of Paleo. The majority of people that give Paleo a serious try, get great results. These results include fat loss, improvement or the cure of chronic health problems. The dieters also report improvements in cognitive skills, sleep, energy, skin and more.

The Paleo diet is a diet of reason. You dont have to eat nothing but lemon juice and water. You dont have to cleanse yourself with herbal laxatives, or expect results from some miracle berry from Peru. Paleo is far from a starvation diet, and you dont have to purchase pre-made meals in a box. It is a diet that can be worked in reasonably, into just about any routine. Paleo is called a lifestyle because it is a way of living, more than a fad crash diet.

Add to all of this a diet that is satisfying, enjoyable, and offering thousands of recipes with numbers growing every day, and you have a diet that will be around in one form or another, for a very long time.

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