Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart-Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart

The Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart is part of the Paleohacks Cookbook package. We have looked at most of the other components in other posts. To see more of what is inside Paleohacks Cookbook, check our “Whats Included” category paleohacks 30 day jumpstart

The Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart is one of five bonus publications that you get with the Paleohacks Cookbook. The complete package is more than just a recipe book. It strives to guide you step by step into the Paleo lifestyle. The main book is an extensive Paleo cookbook. You also get a complete Paleo food list, Paleo 4x a book of quick four ingredient Paleo meals, a Paleo Meal Plan, Dining out Paleo and more. Lets look at the Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart.

This book is an overview to prepare you for the Paleo lifestyle. Its one thing to have recipes and grocery lists, and another to put it all together into a plan to reach your goals. This is where the 30 Day Jumpstart comes in handy. In a way, its a pep talk that gives you all the basics and prepares you for the month, and years ahead.

It starts with the basics, which is always a good place to start. It gives you the information or outline of what you will and will not be eating. It also gives you goals as far as nutrition. You dont want to be just eating meat all the time. This books explains what kinds of foods you will need for great nutrition. It also explains what you will need to know about Paleo drinks. It has a do follow list and a do not follow list to make things easier. Next comes the chapter on “How to Make a Paleo Diet Work for your 21 Century Lifestyle. This is important to think about at first. You will need to know what to expect. Any diet that cant be worked into your lifestyle, will never work. The good news is Paleo can, and there are thousands of people just like you or I, who have done just that. If I were to choose a different name for this book, I would probably call it “The Paleo Mind Map”. It is your goals and your planner for this huge improvement in your life.

The next section is “Ten Steps to Successful Action”. This is an important chapter on your goals, about pitfalls you may encounter and how to deal with them. It is a study on how to deal with temptations and negativity that most people will encounter at one point or another. Two main reasons for failing any diet are, choosing a diet that cannot be worked into an average lifestyle, and not being prepared for change. It is unreasonable to assume that you will make major changes to your life, and not have times of difficulty. This is the big mission of this book, to be prepared.

The book also includes a journal, and a journal is an effective tool in any diet and exercise regimen. You will be keeping track of your progresses and your difficulties and in doing so will increase your success in the Paleo lifestyle.

In addition to all of this mind mapping and your journal, there is a lot of practical information in this book that would be of use to both the Paleo newbie, and the more experienced Paleo dieter. It would be possible to go Paleo, from just this one book alone. There is a short guide on what to eat and what not to eat. How to find the most nutritious foods and many other practical tips.

The Paleo 30 Day Jumpstart is an excellent addition to Paleohacks Cookbook Package. At this time this site is one of the only websites online that give you the exact information on whats inside the Paleohacks Cookbook.

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