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Paleohack Cookbook Review

Paleohacks Cookbook is the only Paleo product I know that comes with the support of thousands of Paleo diet experts.

As explained in other posts , the Paleo diet is for the most part, a self help diet. There is no real leader or organization to answer to. You are basically on your own. You are also free to decide whether to go 100% Paleo or to try a more casual Paleo plan. In my opinion, this is a big plus. You can lose body fat and feel healthier while implementing the diet in a way that fits in with your lfiestyle. However, there are questions that will come up. Paleohacks cookbook tries to give you all the information you need, but there are questions that will come to mind that you would like to ask someone. Dont worry, along with the six books you get with Paleohacks Cookbook, you also get the support of the Paleohacks community. paleohacks cookbook

Paleohacks website is a goldmine of Paleo information. Especially answers to questions that may be difficult to find anywhere else. Now you dont have to purchase Paleohacks Cookbook to participate in the Paleohacks community, but it does serve as a perfect companion to the product. Many of the questions asked get well over two thousand views, and many replies.

Who are these Paleo enthusiasts at Paleohacks ?

They are Paleo dieters from all walks of life. There are respected chefs, health professionals, fitness experts, as well as ordinary Paleo dieters that are either learning or are quite advanced in the practice of Paleo diet principles.

The questions asked and answered can truly be found nowhere else. There are just too many subjects to be found anywhere else. Im sure that some of these questions will be questions that you will have as you begin your Paleo diet. You can simply search for questions and answers to find what you are looking for.

Some questions on the website include

Are there any Paleo friendly cooking sprays ? Primal vs Paleo ? Nicotine and Paleo. What is the point of fermented foods? Which spices are Paleo ? What can I drink on the Paleo diet? Making whipped cream from coconut milk ? In addition there are thousands of recipes and discussion about various Paleo recipes.

Adding this support to the other included features of Paleohacks Cookbook, may make it the most complete Paleo diet product available. You get the total of six books, the Paleo food list, grocery lists and the support of the Paleohacks online community. All for the price of one good Paleo book

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