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The reason many people decide to try the Paleo diet is results. Paleo does work and it isnt difficult to find typical results online. The Paleo diet is not a franchise or commercial weight loss program. Most of the time, people start Paleo on their own without a teacher or guru. Therefore, it is more impressive when Paleo dieters post their results online. They are not selling a product and they have no compensation for posting their results. They are just happy to spread the word by telling others their story.

There are a number of types of Paleo results. There are the results for weight loss or fat loss. Although official numbers are difficult to obtain, it appears that most people that try Paleo, get results in this area. They report a slow and steady form of fat loss, although most seem to see Paleo results the first week. It appears that many people lose ten pounds or more in just a week or two. I should mention that Paleo is more about fat loss than weight loss, which is as it should be. The goal is to lose excess body fat and gain a toned muscular body, rather than drop body weight too fast, which is unhealthy. The slow and steady type of fat loss that people post as Paleo results is the kind of fitness you should be looking for. Paleo is called a lifestyle rather than a diet for good reason. It is about changing your eating habits for life, not dropping body weight too quickly. You lose body fat on Paleo for a number of reasons. Mostly, you lose fat because you are not eating grains and dairy which contribute greatly to obesity. As soon as you begin to leave these out of your diet and start eating more proteins, you will begin to lose fat. It helps to also encorporate a high intensity exercise routine along with the Paleo diet.

Another type of Paleo results that you will see online, is health advantages. People are excited to post of how Paleo cured conditions that they have suffered with in some cases, all of their lives. One common problem is digestive problems like colitis and crohns disease. It is extremely common to see stories and testimonials on how switching to the Paleo diet improved if not cured these inflammatory bowel conditions. There are also testimonials about allergy problems, headache, ashtma and other conditions that seems to respond well to Paleo. Most of these conditions are allergy/inflammatory conditions. It has been shown in recent studies that grains can cause these disorders. Once the allergens are removed with Paleo, the symptoms improve. People also post Paleo results about healthier skin, energy levels, sleeping and cognitive disorders. All of these conditions seem to improve on the Paleo diet.

There are many places to view these Paleo results and testimonials. You can find them on many health forums as well as Google Plus communities and Facebook groups. You will also find them on and the websites. On Paleohacks you can search for specific results and get a good idea of how well Paleo delivers.

Paleo results are like reviews, an excellent way to see what you can expect from Paleo. Keep in mind that everyones body and results will differ, however you can get a good general idea of what the Paleo diet may do for you.

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