Review of Paleohacks Cookbook

Paleohacks Cookbook

The Paleo Diet, a weight loss system where you shed pounds by eating like a caveman, has taken the USA by storm. It seems like more and more people are getting on the Paleo Diet as evidenced by the tons of Paleo Diet books debuting at online and offline bookstores. It seems people can’t get enough of this diet. It’s easy to why people are excited-the Paleo Diet works and, unlike other diets, it doesn’t feel like you’re punishing or depriving yourself.

There is no shortage of people sharing amazing weight loss stories after they ‘went paleo.’ People typically report that they still eat the same amount of tasty food as before but the pounds just keep melting off. Many people report that they lost weight even if they don’t work out.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, the Paleo diet DOES work because it works with your metabolism to enable your body to burn fat more efficiently. By eating the right kind of food, the calories you eat can go to lean muscle tissue building and energy instead of going straight to your gut.

But there is ONE PROBLEM with the Paleo Diet-you not only need to know what to eat and what not to eat, you need to have access to the food that will help you lose weight.

FACT:  As popular as the Paleo Diet is, there still isn’t ENOUGH ready-to-eat food on the market that is Paleo-compliant. Also, while there are lots of Paleo-friendly foods, not all of them are quick and easy to prepare.

This is the reason why a lot of people on the Paleo Diet FAIL in their diet. They eat one non-paleo meal because there are no Paleo options. Then they eat another one and another one. Soon enough, they are completely off the diet.

What makes this all so frustrating is that a lot of the Paleo-friendly dishes dieters can cook up take time, are expensive, or are otherwise inconvenient to prepare. Given no practical options, many Paleo dieters end up failing with their diet.

This is where Paleohacks comes in.

Paleohacks lists tasty 100% Paleo-compliant recipes that are:

– Easy to cook

– Relatively inexpensive

– Easy to prepare

– Convenient

– Diverse selection: snacks, salads, breakfast, lunch, and dinner entrees


The top 3 Things About This book that got our attention.

Easy to Follow – Presented in an easy to read and understand format, this cookbook presents all the nutritional information, preparation time, and other data you need to quickly pick out dishes to cook.

Given its easy presentation, you can easily mix and match dishes as well as plan out your meal based on how much time you have available. This is a lifesaver because you want to be able to cook simple meals quickly enough that you’ll always have access to Paleo food.

Great Selection Process – You get access to a nice range of Paleo dishes to prepare. These are fully Paleo-compliant. Best of all, you can pick among them based on how much time you have to cook and how much money you wish to spend.

Unlike other Paleo cookbooks, Paleohacks doesn’t ‘railroad’ you to just a certain category of food. This cookbook covers a broad array of cuisines and food types. Regardless of your tastes and preferences, there are enough recipes in this 500+ recipe book to cover your needs.

This book’s One Month Meal Plan not only gives you a tasty example of a varied menu for a month, it also inspires you to mix and match Paleo dishes to maximize variety and taste.

Motivational Book – Let’s face it, when faced with the amount of time and work needed to prepare meals, eventually we lose motivation. We reach a point where we feel cooking Paleo meals is a hassle and we end up settling for non-Paleo foods. This book’s great pictures as well as even coverage of breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu options can continue to motivate you to continue eating Paleo-compliant foods. It presents Paleo options in a vivid, enticing, and appetizing way unlike other Paleo cookbooks which often have no pictures.

Present well and organized right, this cookbook has all your breakfast, salad, snack, lunch, and dinner needs covered. It is very comprehensive but doesn’t feel heavy or cluttered.

The Final Word: Switching to or Staying on the Paleo Diet has gotten SO MUCH EASIER

Thanks to the Paleohacks Cookbook, switching to a Paleo diet doesn’t have to seem like such a big sacrifice. If you’ve been struggling to stay on your Paleo diet or would like to eat better tasting and more enjoyable Paleo-compliant food, this is the cookbook that will help you eat better. Mix things up, enjoy your food more, and stay on the Paleo diet for good by never running out of amazing food to eat.

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