Why is it So Hard to Stick to the Paleo Diet?

Paleo Diet

Why is it so difficult for a lot of Americans to stick to the Paleo diet? Maybe the better question to ask is why is it really hard to stick to any diet? You have to understand that when you diet, that the word “die” is in the word “diet.” There is the part of you that dies. There is a part of you that feels that you are being left behind. There is a part of you that this is all unfair, and it is really difficult because you are facing so many temptations. There is a part of you that would feel that you are just putting yourself through an ordeal. This is all natural, and you are hardly alone if you think along these lines.

Unfortunately, when you adopt a diet, it is too easy to look at it as some sort of punishment. If you have this type of mindset, then it is not a surprise that you are going to be jumping from one diet to the next. In fact, a lot of people who feel that their diet is somehow restrictive or puts a lot of pressure on them, they eventually break. They go for the easier path. They let their memories of past convenience get the better of them, and they just break. They go off the Paleo diet. Whatever weight that they have managed to lose will come back and worse yet, they start gaining even more weight.

The Essence of the Difficulty

You can actually read what follows and tie it into the diets that preceded the Paleo diet. This discussion can easily apply to the Atkins diet, for example. The reason why most people find it hard to stick to the Paleo, as well as any other diet, is that they are focused primarily on what they stand to gain. Obviously, you are trying to gain a better look. You are trying to gain an improved physiology.

The problem here is that by focusing on what you stand to gain, you end up being vulnerable to the thinking that you are otherwise depriving yourself. After all, passion for gain or anything else can only last so long. Also, It can barely take you so far.

This is why it is very important to make sure that you have many different motivations if you are trying to lose weight using the Paleo diet. Instead of focusing on what you have to lose, primarily convenience and eating whatever you want, you also stand to gain something big. We are not just talking about shaving off a few pounds off your weight. While that is nice, there is something much bigger in play when people decide to lose weight.

If you are struggling with your weight, chances are people have pointed their finger at you. Chances are people have talked behind your back, and you feel terrible. Overweight people from all four corners of the world can relate to this because obese people do tend to get bullied a lot. It comes with the territory.

When you are looking for encouragement so you can stay motivated, just focus on the fact a lot of people used to call you “fat boy” or “fat girl.” Would it not be nice to get rid of a problem that has plagued you since you were a little kid finally? If you answer is “yes,” then you allow yourself to be motivated by the fact that you are actually going about doing that. You are practically implementing a weight loss system that has been proven to work time and time again. There is a tremendous amount of victory here if you would only open your eyes and embrace it with open arms.

It is Easy to Get on the Bandwagon due to the Hype

A lot of people struggle with the Paleo diet, and many have abandoned it altogether because they simply got on the Paleo bandwagon to start their journey. In other words, your friends on Facebook start talking about a particular diet. You then do a little research on it and you sign up. The problem here is that the social proof may not be working in your advantage, Maybe your friends online or at least on Facebook are in their 20s while you are in your 70s. It is easy to want to get along to go along, but you have to remember that you have to make sure that you are taking care of your needs. Make sure that whatever decision you make squares tightly with your self-interest as well as your past experiences.

This is not always easy because when people spread the word that there is some certain amazing product or service or weight loss system, people simply pull the trigger based on which of their friends have already signed up. They do not do independent investigation. They do not do independent research. They just focus on their circle of friends and concern are hyping up the particular diet that you are intrigued about.

Their weight loss situation might be very different from yours. They might get all excited about this weight loss system, but the reason why they are excited is because the system fits their tight set of circumstances. While it might work for your friends, it does not automatically follow that it may work for you.

Accordingly, getting on the bandwagon easily is going to be a problem. You are committed to something that you may not be fully committed to for the long haul. You have to remember that losing weight is a marathon. It is never a sprint. It is not a short-term race. Not by a long shot. You not only have to start, but you have to keep going until you dominate. That is how you separate people who succeed with the Paleo diet and people who simply experiment with it.

Food habits are like a muscle. Your ability to handle hunger as well as temptation can be compared to a muscle. The more you practice discipline, and the further you stick to the proper implementation of the Paleo diet, the stronger your willpower. You were able to hold of instant gratification. You were able to delay gratification. You only need to work on your new eating habits for them to take hold; and just like a muscle, when you keep putting pressure on it, it grows, and it gets stronger. On the other hand, if you stop using it, it becomes softer and softer until it has completely weakened. Which of these scenarios would you prefer to live out?

Your Paleo Food Diet Weakens Due to 5 Factors

If you were serious about staying on the Paleo diet and having it live up to its fullest potential in your life, pay attention to the following five factors. Your diet weakens due to these five factors. You have to be on the lookout for these five factors because if you handle them incorrectly, you might be digging yourself into a ditch as far as success with the Paleo diet goes.

Lack of Ready Availability

While Paleo may seem very appetizing, keep in mind that access is always an issue. In the span of your typical day, the stores that you visit might not necessarily have the proper Paleo meal that will take your diet to the next level. You have to either cook yourself or sign up for a Paleo-specific food delivery service so you can get the daily nutrition that you need.

Heavy Prep Time Commitment

Another factor that throws off many Paleo dieters is the intense preparation time of some Paleo recipes. Keep in mind that this does not apply across the board. This does not apply to all Paleo recipes. It only applies to some. However, if you find yourself stuck with a Paleo recipe that seems to drag on forever, it is common for you to develop a suspicion or skepticism for the rest of the Paleo cookbooks available on the Internet.

Complex Cooking Requirements

If you are going to be cooking, and the directions compel you to do some fancy moves in preparing your food; this can eat up into your time. The more complicated the cooking requirement, the higher likelihood that you are distracted.

Hard-to-Get Ingredients

A lot of people think that when you go Paleo that you are going to be basically starving because people cannot get you the ingredients you are looking for. This is not necessarily the case. It depends on the recipe that you are looking for. This is not necessarily the case. It depends on the recipe that you have chosen to prepare. If you picked the right range of recipes, you would not have to worry about how to get ingredients. These tips already spell out the basics of getting what you need to create more memorable meals.

Lack of Convenience

This is the clincher. The main reason why a lot of people who tried their hand at Paleo diet flat out fail is they cannot handle the inconvenience. Make no mistake about it choosing your food in a very deliberate way is a sign of convenience. Keep the five factors above in mind and avoid them to ensure your Paleo diet’s success.

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